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Company Background

Object Software was founded by David Ankeny and J. Bruce Cross, Director at Cross, Gunter, Witherspoon & Galchus, P.C. David Ankeny is the primary software author, with a long history of affirmative action software development. David originally wrote the business plan, designed and wrote the software to start Optimum Affirmative Action while practicing employment law in New Orleans.  Through Object Software, David Ankeny and J. Bruce Cross subsequently formed Lighthouse Compliance Solutions, thus starting the outsourcing revolution in affirmative action planning. The software is the cornerstone of Lighthouse Compliance Solutions, the business destined to be a leader in compliance services.


Lighthouse has realized its goal of high quality, low cost compliance by leveraging new technology and staying abreast of the law. In December of 2000, the OFCCP announced new rules for affirmative action planning for federal contractors, changing a thirty year-old formula, and giving contractors just 30 days to retool. Lighthouse met the challenge. In January 2001, Lighthouse began preparing two-factor analyses.


Change is synonymous with OFCCP and for the last 20 years Lighthouse has been ready every time. Whether changing definitions of applicants, methodologies for determining pay equity, new rules for Vets and IWDs, new guidelines for sex discrimination or new EEO-1 rules. We met the challenge and our clients prospered without undue hardship from the federal rules games. Yes, we are prepared to do your 2017 EEO-1s, including the categories of tax reported wage averages.


So, In keeping with the philosophy of best practices and best bargain through effective use of technology, Lighthouse offers Applicant Harbor™, a hiring and application management system. Applicant Harbor maintains an unparalleled track record of successful hiring management. The goal remains to ensure compliance and reduce exposure while facilitating recruiting and selection process to attract the highest quality applicants and hire the best people. The system is the very embodiment of Lighthouse philosophy. Plus Applicant Harbor™ saves time, paper and money while virtually eliminating the risk of costly litigation.

Types of Services

AAP Preparation, OFCCP Audit Support, Compensation Analysis, EEO-1 & Vets-4212 Reporting, Applicant Tracking System

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